Bathtub thankfulness 

  • As I lay in the bathtub and reflect on the week, I am thankful. I began clinic and it was so much better than my false start last semester. I have a professor who likes to talk about “cognitive pie” and talks about things that can take pieces out of that pie. For me that was starting last semester with a crazy accident and losing everything that I needed before the most important test of my life. I could never calm down enough to think clearly and lived in a panic until the semester was over. We all choose how we react to the situations that are handed to us, or that we put ourselves in, and in panics, we react without clear thought. It takes a lot of strength to be ok with loss, or to put it better, to not be attached to material posessions or to non challenging situations. Anyway, when your cognitive pie is all eaten up, it is hard to learn and grow, plan, and react. 
  • I am so at peace this semester. I can breathe. I am out from under the weight of starting off in a literal disaster and not catching up until the last day. I feel competent again. 
  • I started my tai chi class again. I gave up the things that I loved to make time to be frantic. I am a little bit challenged because my legs go numb from bilateral sciatic nerve problems but they are no longer on fire, just my spine. I am hoping that qigong will help decompress that nerve because it really limits me in kung fu. I am thankful for renewed energy and drive. I hope that this drive and reduced stress will help me lose weight. I really let myself go and I want myself back. 
  • I am reading up on cognitive therapy for TBI currently. That is an area that I have struggled with, in the past, because I just felt lost; we get so little in the realm of cognitive rehabilitation. I am going to get back on this horse and own it. 

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