Back Into The Light

I am starting this new blog to begin the year right. 2016 sucked and I am almost over it. The only mention that I will make of it is that I really had to fight for what I wanted, which was to graduate with my master’s in speech pathology, after I lost everything in the Louisiana floods, before I had a test over all of the information that I lost. That was almost five months ago. I passed, I graduated, and I griped a lot. I almost quit up until the end. I quit doing everything that I loved, in order to focus on graduating.

Before all of that, I was happy. I was teaching qigong, moving meditation, I am in kung-fu and tai chi, and I felt complete and together. I had it set up so that I could do my last clinic at home and I was going to be home for good, after living between my home and family, in Oklahoma, and my room and college, in southern Louisiana. I could not get through my clinic last semester and I have to go back for anotherĀ sic months. I really don’t know when I will get to be home, because we really need me to work when I get back to Louisiana. Before the flood, my husband lost his job and took one that has not been kind to us. I will be leaving my family with less thanĀ $80.00 for a week.

My goal right now is to leave the past behind me and to try and make the present the best that it can be. That means getting back to the things that I like to do while doing my best in the things that I have to do. Below is a list of my goals:

  1. Kick butt at my clinical site
  2. Find a good job
  3. Pay down debt for breathing room
  4. Wake up early, go to bed early.
  5. Drink enough water
  6. Remember my vitamins
  7. Lose the weight that anxiety has put on me
  8. Return to Tai Chi
  9. Return to teaching qigong
  10. Make time for meditation
  11. Qigong for range of motion to alleviate sciatica from flood accident
  12. Kung fu 8/8/8 for six months
  13. Kung fu horse stance level 5 min
  14. Put portfolio together for school without griping
  15. Find a job in Tulsa, before my clinicals are over



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